Productions & Events

Get your tickets for The Christmas That Was Almost Cancelled HERE!

Get into the holiday spirit as New Deal presents the premiere of The Christmas That Was Almost Cancelled written by Louisa Vilardi!

Santa is in a panic as he finds out the reindeer can’t fly and the Christmas Spirit Meter is getting low. Find out how the elves spring into action and save Christmas! This 30-minute play features 15 children ranging in age from 5-12 years with very special guests – Mr. & Mrs. Claus!

Get your tickets for A World War II Radio Christmas HERE!

Join the teens of New Deal for our 4th annual production of A World War II Radio Christmas performing at the Dutch Reformed Church in Hyde Park.

This moving holiday show recreates the experience of attending a recording of a 1940s radio show broadcast on Christmas Eve during World War II. Using period songs and stories inspired by actual veterans,  An inspiring look at strength in the face of hardship, this play is a reminder of the importance of coming together for the holidays.