Welcome to
The New Deal Creative Arts Center!

The New Deal Creative Arts Center is delighted to announce the dates for the second annual Hudson Valley Theatre Festival!


An inclusive space for artists and audiences to explore and celebrate the intersections of the innovative and traditional through various  methods of arts and expression, grounded in accessibility and opportunity in the arts for all. We will accomplish this by:       

* Making the arts accessible to a wide range of artists and audience members regardless of race, age, sexual identity, ethnicity, or background.

* Providing year-round programming in fine, visual, literary, and performing arts.

*Focusing on the youth of our community and surrounding communities to provide a safe space to learn, create, discover and explore the arts.

* Fostering community through  education, outreach, and professional artistic opportunity.

* Illuminating the historical identity of the Hudson Valley.

* Bridging artistic endeavors  with social action, to make a meaningful impact on the community.